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Successful Japanese market entry needs a sales oriented understanding of the Japanese market, an achievable 3 - 5 year business strategy and clear cost and budget control policies. Taking the time to fully understand the Japanese market opportunities for your products and services, putting in place a sustainable and achievable strategy and ensuring that value will be returned from every Yen spent, prior to "pouring concrete" in your Japanese market entry are three of the key insider secrets to successfully setting up and doing business in Japan.

Venture Japan will work with you to:

  • fully understand the Japanese market opportunities for your products and services,
  • identify any government red-tape and regulations (import tariffs, import quotas, approval processes, testing processes etc.) applicable to your products and services in Japan,
  • identify prospective customers and complete pre-launch product evaluations,
  • determine the potential Japanese market value of your products and services,
  • identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in Japan,
  • determine the optimal Japanese brand identity for your company, products and services,
  • determine your optimal presence in Japan (i.e. direct sales, distribution, joint-venture, acquisition etc.),
  • identify potential joint-venture partners and negotiate with them (if appropriate),
  • identify potential acquisition candidates and support any acquisition activities (if appropriate),
  • register a Japanese branch-office or partnership (tokumei kumiai etc.), or incorporate a Japanese company (kabushiki kaisha, yugen kaisha, tokutei mokuteki kaisha etc.) on your behalf,
  • act as resident representative director, manager or managing partner (as applicable),
  • locate office space that satisfies corporate image, cost and location needs and negotiate 'best terms' on your behalf,
  • develop a sales process optimized to the Japanese business culture and market,
  • create a localized Japanese Web presence, corporate literature, sales and technical materials and presentations,
  • implement a full marketing communications and public relations rollout program,
  • identify potential distributors, negotiate distribution agreements with them and help to integrate them into your existing sales channel infrastructure,
  • (together with your financial division) implement sustainable and cost-effective financial controls and systems that are fully compliant with both Japanese and your head-office accounting requirements,
  • setup a local IT infrastructure that is fully integrated with your head-office infrastructure,
  • advise on recruitment, salary and benefits packages, recruit staff into the new entity and help to integrate them into your corporate culture.

Venture Japan's attitude to business is aggressive and very results oriented. Unlike typical market entry consultants, Venture Japan does not simply customize a pro-forma report filled with meaningless statistics garnered from market analysts or government agencies. We use our accumulated on-the-street experience of initiating joint-development projects between Japanese customers and foreign companies, marketing, brand management, sales and negotiation, to produce a roadmap for your Japanese business that will get you to where you want to be and then put our reputations on the line to helping you succeed.

Does all of this experience and insight come cheap? Unfortunately not; but our fees are aggressively performance related and will repay you with substantially increased profits, significantly reduced risk, a tightly controlled Japanese market-entry and dramatically improved Japanese business value.

If you would like us to help you plan and achieve successful and sustainable Japanese sales, revenue, profits, market share and brand value, please contact us.



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